US Digital Video Ad Spend Will Not Reach $9.59 Billion via Pre-Roll

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While eMarketer predicts that US digital video ad spend in 2016 will reach $9.59B, the question facing marketers is ‘what will power that growth?’ While pre-roll is an important piece of digital video advertising, it is essentially limited.

Gavin Dunawayat AdMonsters does a great job outlining this argument in his recent articlehere. It comes down to the point that there are only so many YouTube kitten videos available (despite what it may seem).

What I’d like to address in this post are the top three reasons that outstream advertising will power the significant growth predicted in digital video.

Unparalleled reach.

A significant percentage of publishers do not have proprietary video content on their site, making it difficult for them to tap into video advertising dollars. Outstream advertising enables publishers to deliver video experiences without having to invest in video production to monetize their content. This opens up the video ad market to all.

The power of customization.

One of the key strengths of outstream is the ability of publishers to customize the video experience based on what works best for their site and their users. For example, a publisher can configure audio settings, viewability settings and skippability for every user session.

A big canvas.

Advertisers appreciate the extensive canvas given to their brand through outstream formats. When done right, outstream is a powerful breakthrough experience. Whether an inline, an interstitial, a coffee break, or an expandable leaderboard, the sheer size of outstream means it can’t be missed.

We have already seen anuptick in interestin our outstream portfolio from premium publishers and expect continued growth as publishers seek new ways to amplify their inventory.

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