The Most Popular Easter Content Among US and UK Readers

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复活节周末就在这里,这是美国和英国最大的假期之一。实际上,这是糖果最大的假期美国人的消费 - 庆祝其他甜蜜的庆祝活动万圣节和情人节。

According to Statista,84% of Americans75% of people in the UKcelebrate Easter, with up to 73% planning to give presents for the big day. Spending on this holiday is alsoincreasing across两国, with UK spend up 6.7% last year.

So, when Easter rolls around, people will research how to buy their candy and chocolate eggs, plan their parties, and celebrate Easter with their loved ones.

这为我们和英国出版商提供了一个主要机会,可以吸引ac米兰赞助商 vwin与复活节相关内容的观众。

The question is: What kind of content should you publish? What exactly do people want to read about?

To help, we dug into our data from over 7 million readers and 10 million minutes of engagement over April 2018 to find out which Easter topics US and UK readers engage with most—and how these audiences compare. We also analyzed which referral sources these readers came from, including search, social, and direct.

Here’s what we found.

Content featuring words like ‘hunt’ and ‘spring’ is more popular in the US.


Easter (1)

A look at engagement, or the minutes spent with each piece of content, tells a similar and possibly even more striking story. UK readers only spent 380,000 minutes and 169,000 minutes with these content topics respectively, while US audiences spent over 2 million minutes with each of them.

Easter (2)

One possible explanation for this is that Easter egg hunts are a more popular holiday activity in the US. According to Statista,57%的美国人参与这一传统,虽然英国43%的人照着做。取而代之的是,英国最喜欢的传统是吃热十字面包,英国有56%的人这样做,而美国人只有6%。


Where UK publishers failed to draw readers to ‘hunt’ and ‘spring’ related content, they succeeded in pulling in huge numbers for ‘chocolate’ related content. ‘Chocolate’ was the number-one topic for UK audiences, generating 1.7 million readers and 1.8 million minutes of engagement.

Easter (3)

Over in the US, ‘chocolate’ related content brought in only 977,000 readers and didn’t even rank for engagement minutes. The US also had a lower overall audience size (630,000 versus 2.4 million) for content about specific chocolate brands, which we’ll get to in the next section.


It turns out that chocolate isn’t as big of a deal during Easter in the US. There is even a wholereddit thread and Internet freakout关于这个。而美国人的高峰dy consumption happens at Easter, their峰值巧克力消耗直到万圣节才发生。取而代之的是,他们可能会用其他糖果(例如棉花糖和果冻豆)装满篮子,鸡蛋和肚子。

Across the pond, the英国排在图表对于世界上最高的巧克力支出。在复活节期间,80 million chocolate eggssell each year, making the market worth £220 million ($289 million).


We analyzed how UK and US audiences interacted with content about a range of different chocolate brands, including Cadbury, Aldi, Hershey, Nestlé, and Lindt.

Cadbury drove the highest readership and engagement among both audiences, but most starkly among UK readers. US readership and engagement was more evenly distributed across four major brands: Cadbury, Aldi, Hershey, and Nestlé.


In the UK, Cadbury content generated 1.2 million readers—50% of the total readership (2.4 million) across all chocolate brands. It also generated 1.2 million engagement minutes — roughly 50% of the total engagement time (2 million minutes) across all chocolate brands.

Easter (6)

Based on this data, you can assume that people in the UK associate Cadbury, more than any other chocolate brand, with Easter. And the sales confirm that assumption.

Cadbury is thebest-selling chocolate brandin the UK according to Amazon. Cadbury itself also claims to dominate50% of the chocolate egg marketin the UK, matching our 50% readership and engagement stats exactly.

When we look at engagement, Cadbury still emerges as the clear winner, but Hershey falls down the ranks in the US and Nestlé emerges as a dominant second place in the US.

Easter (7) Easter (8)

Most referrals come from search

Among UK audiences, search and shares—defined as shares inside apps like WhatsApp, Google Chat and others—were the biggest referral sources to the most popular topics such as ‘Sunday” and ‘chocolate’. For content about chocolate brands, referrer search won out by a long shot, driving over a third of all referrals to this content.

Easter (9) 复活节(10)

Among US audiences, referral sources were more evenly distributed, though search similarly came out on top.

复活节(11) Easter (12)


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