Native Advertising Trends for 2020

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As internet users continue to reject traditional online advertising, consumer startups and Fortune 500s alike are allocating bigger budgets to non-disruptive ad campaigns.

According toeMarketer, USnative display adspend will grow 20.2% to $52.75 billion.

It’s easy to see whynative advertisingexcites everyone––it works, and it works well. That said, competition for the ever-shortening attention span of audiences is only getting steeper.

Given that humans rememberonly 30% of what they see, it’s critical to make great, click-worthy ads.

Here, we’re sharing the native advertising trends on the horizon for 2020 to help you get ready for the year ahead.

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Native advertising trends to watch

If your ads are going to stand out on anative advertising platform, you need to keep a close eye on changing trends and best practices.

We’re providing the whole picture for your 2020 strategy. We got started by taking a look at some of the topnative advertising statisticsfrom 2019, and now we’re diving into predictions for 2020. Here is how the industry has evolved, and will continue to change into the new year.

1. Buying Method, Device, and Medium

In 2020, native advertising will becomemore programmatic and more mobile-focused, but social will see a small decline as a primary ad medium.

eMarketer Digital Display Ads Prediction

For most brands and agencies, this means you’re in good company when it comes to your buying methods. eMarketer is not expecting drastic ups and downs in any of these areas.

And, by the end of 2020, advertisers will devote nearly two-thirds of display budget to native ads. US Native ads spending history

There’s no beating around the bush anymore:native advertising is winning display budgets. If most of your budget is still going elsewhere––maybe to banners (yikes!)––you may want to reconsider native as an alternative. Here, and other places you may historically have spent your display budget.

2. Context is Key

According toThe Drum, engagement is 50% higher on premium editorial sites than during general free browsing. This means you’ll need to keep the sites you’re targeting top of mind when running and building new campaigns. Your brand is in thecontext that publicationprovides, so align your brand with the appropriate publishers for you.

That being said, do keep an open mind. The types of sites that will work for your KPIs might be surprising, so test as widely as you’re comfortable with when you start, and narrow down your targeted sites keeping in mind both the strength of that publisher’s brand, as well as your own performance.

3. A Need that Native can Fill

TheContent Marketing Institutereports that 70% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than traditional advertising. This gives advertisers space to get creative and create advertisements that feel informative rather than disruptive.

4. The Future is Video

According to商业内幕, digital video ad spending is rising faster than search and display. By the end of 2020, US digital video ad revenue will rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9%.

Digital video ad spending report on Business Insider

This fast rise means that developing a strongnative video strategy现在比以往任何时候都更重要。Get to work on this early to leave room for testing and optimizing throughout the 2020.

5. Be Interactive

In past studies, it’s been found that93% of marketersfound interactive content to be effective.Native Advertising Institutebreaks down the psychology behind this effectiveness, highlighting the level of personalization readers experience with interactive content. They also mention the sense of belonging and community that interactive content can bring––quiz results compelling enough to share on social media or discuss with a friend. Interactive content is engaging, and when done right, can also generate word-of-mouth results.

6. Targeting Gets Specific

As targeting capabilities evolves, marketers are latching on to get granular.Karina Tama-Rutigliano, Digital Marketing Specialist and Forbes Contributor, cites targeting capabilities as a differentiator when choosing native advertising platforms to work with, and goes on to say that she looks to be able to target by time, date, zip codes, buyer intent, and more––all made possible with ever-advancing targeting tools. This type of hyper-targeting is on the rise for 2020, and understanding the different ways you can target is imperative to stay ahead.

7. The Art of Retargeting

Hyper-targeting isn’t the only type of targeting that will see a rise in 2020.Retargeting针对那些已经显示出兴趣in your product and are therefore more likely to convert, is becoming increasingly popular. According to Connectio, the reasons why are pretty clear. 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted ads, and retargeting ads are76% more likelyto get clicks than regular display ads. Get noticed, and get noticed effectively.

Retargeting ads get more clicks

8. Go Colorless

It may seem counterintuitive, but opting for black & white images over color has been a staple trend in our Taboola Trends for a while now.

Colorless ads can increase CTR

The psychology behind it makes more sense than you’d think. When audiences see the same thing on repeat, they will inevitably become fatigued. This holds true for color. Using a black & white image over a colorful one can increase CTR by 47%. That increase is worth refraining from ROYGBIV and adding this to your 2020 repertoire.

And there you have it…

The new year ahead has exciting native advertising opportunities in store, and staying on top of the changing trends can help you better prepare. Learn more about howworking with Taboolacan help.

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