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What Is Native Advertising?


Promoted search results and sponsored social media posts are popular examples of native ads. Both formats provide the same kind of value to users as the organic search results and user-generated social media posts.

As consumers become more resistant to traditional forms of advertising, including display ads and banner ads, Fortune 500 brands and consumer startups alike are allocating bigger budgets and more ad spend towards content marketing and non-disruptive ad formats.


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How do native ads work How do native ads work

How do Native Ads Work?

Native ads, a tactic that supportsperformance marketing,在供求方面工作。供应方面是出版商,有观众和覆盖范围,希望通过他ac米兰赞助商 vwin们的网站获利。在需求方面,广告商希望吸引听众并围绕意识,销售或领先一代.


Which Ads are Native and What Do They Look Like?

本地广告的核心是将广告放在其本地适合的相关且无障碍的环境中的概念。本地广告最有可能看起来像所有其他文章和周围的内容,尤其是在目标是brand awareness,你可能不会看到一些常见的单词you’re accustomed to seeing in advertisements (purchase, subscribe, sign up, etc).See examples of native ads.

Native Advertising Channels


How Native Advertising works in Search


Engines like Google pioneered an entirely new form of “native” with their sponsored search results.

How Native Advertising works in Social Media


Social networks like Facebook and Instagram popularized native in-feed and carousel ad formats.

How Native Advertising works in websites


内容发现platforms like Taboola power personalized content recommendations and in-feed native ads across popular publisher websites.

Who Benefits From Native Advertising?


《财富》 500强品牌和刚起步的初创公司都使用本地广告在高度影响力的时刻吸引观众,当时人们已经在食用内容并开放发现新事物。这些广告系列可以最大程度地提高广告支出,并围绕高级品牌知名度以及向下管道的潜在客户和销售推动目标。

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ac米兰赞助商 vwin

ac米兰赞助商 vwin出版商已将本地广告作为跨平台和设备的内容获利的必不可少的工具。选择本机单元鼓励宝贵的用户行动,而无需牺牲整体UX,驱使用户进入视频等高价值页面,sponsored content,微地铁等。

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Native ads avoid the disruptive pitfalls of pop-up or pre-roll ads in favor of a more respectful bargain with users, allowing people to discover and engage with branded content they may like on their own terms.

How to Choose the Right Native Advertising Platform?


In order to maximize the return on any given native advertising initiative, many publishers and advertisers team up with technology partners that can help with aspects such ascontent distribution, audience engagement, cross-platform monetization, and more.

尤其,内容发现平台like Taboola have skyrocketed in popularity.


Check out the list of requirements for choosing the right content discovery platform.

  • Quality of network

    Across what kinds of websites and/or page placements is the platform currently deployed?
  • Tracking

    Does the platform provide transparent access to key performance metrics? (e.g. cost-per-acquisition, pages-per-visit, viewable impressions, conversions)
  • 规模

    How many users does the platform reach in your target regions?
  • 兼容

    How well can the platform integrate with various hardware and software solutions? (e.g. devices, operating systems, CRM software)
  • Targeting

    What kinds of targeting and retargeting capabilities does the platform offer? (e.g. behavioral, demographic, B2B, B2C)
  • 服务

    Does the partner offer a flexible range of self-service and account management support?
  • 投标模型

  • Auction Models

    Are auctions transparent? What kinds of auctions are available?


Every ad unit performs differently depending on factors such as page placement, audience referral source, and desired post-click behavior. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are some formats that perform well for publishers and advertisers alike, generating a high number of impressions and conversions.

Native Advertising unit on a publisher’s homepage


品牌知名度和思想领导力运动最有影响力的选择。著名的主页安排为发布者生成了高级CPC,并使广告客户能够通过与当天的主要社论头条结合来建立与观众的信任。ac米兰赞助商 vwin

Native Advertising unit mid-article

Mid Article

Maximize the value of transient visitors by engaging their curiosity before they click away or return to their social feed. Especially powerful on mobile, mid-article units enable brands to achieve full-screen exposure and publishers to monetize a greater portion of their traffic (through higher viewability rates).


Below Article


Native Advertising Opportunities

Native ads hold a great deal of potential benefits for advertisers, publishers, and users.


Publishers are able to monetize their sites without sacrificing a quality user experience.