Infinite Scroll; What’s Next for the Publishing Industry?

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Publishers will always fight for both the attention and time of visitors, and to do so, the industry has widely experimented with different forms of infinite scroll.

The idea behind an infinite scroll of articles is that a never ending web page encourages people to spend more time on site, interact with more content, and click on more ads.

Sites like Quartz, Time and Bloomberg have adopted infinite scroll, and their executivestold Digiday他们认为这样的经历鼓励背影e to view more stories than pagination.

For some publishers, likeForbes, infinite scroll for articles hasn’t yet provided the benefit they were expecting.

“We understood the appeal of infinite scrolling, but there wasn’t a lot of extra browsing or consumption of stories happening after people clicked that first article. People were reading maybe one or two in the stream.”

– Lewis DVorkin, Chief Product Officer, Forbes

While it’s different for every publisher, it’s likely that the problem isn’t a user’s inclination to stop browsing, it was that the environment didn’t encourage engagement.

The type of infinite scroll that is failing publishers is the infinite scroll of articles—an endless display of long-form content often displayed in reverse chronological order. An infinite scroll of content that we know people want to see—algorithmically chosen content displayed as a teaser, as opposed to the entire article, can be more effective.

The way publishers are implementing infinite scroll of articles isn’t always conducive to a good user experience. Viewers need more variety, relevancy, and engagement opportunities.

首先,发行商将ac米兰赞助商 vwin将来更多地关注访客意愿。


Those who negate the benefits of infinite scroll in its entirety might cite a specific statistic about Google:

When users search for information on Google, only 6% advance to the second page. So, 94% of users are satisfied with receiving only 10 results, which suggests that users find Google’s ranking of results to be relevant.

Smashing Magazine

The idea is that if users are content with seeing ten results on Google, then they must be content with a shorter amount of articles on a page.

There’s one huge problem with this assumption—the intent of the Google user is vastly different from the intent of a user coming from almost any other channel, as is the experience they expect.

Google users are searching for something specific, and upon finding it, are less likely to be open to something new—this is not the case for everyone. Visitors linking directly to publisher sites or from other channels are more likely to consume multiple pieces of content if they are presented with the opportunity. It all depends on the user and his or her context.

展望未来,发布者专注于来自不同渠ac米兰赞助商 vwin道的访问者的意图,并为某些用户实施正确的环境类型。

Second, they’ll need an infinite scroll environment with a better user experience.

infinite scroll (2)

对于用户来说,沿着充满无限有机发行商内容的页面旅行是压倒性的。发行商实施自己的无限滚动环境背后ac米兰赞助商 vwin的想法是,人们可以浏览现场时拥有的大量信息。

The thing is, people already know in a sort ofunspoken agreement他们不会浏览您的所有内容。那么,为什么它在社交网站上起作用?环境更具吸引力,更相关,并且具有越来越多的多样性。

Users see personalized updates, products and news, and can comment and engage with content easily. The interface has the advantages of infinite scrolling without some of its drawbacks—one of them being that users see content in a teaser format as opposed to a full article.

In addition to targeted content and variety, this type of infinite scrolling experience is better because users aren’t flying through content before your ads load.

The solution is to bring social’s diverse infinite scroll experience to the open web.

社交taboola feed

On a publisher’s site with an infinite scroll of long-form articles, users are often scrolling without purpose. On sites with algorithmically displayed content the experience is in fact, enjoyable.



– Kristine Schachinger,MarketingLand

For publishers, this is important context to their infinite scrolling experience—those users that are open-minded and ready to browse are the ones that will thrive in these engaging environments.

我们发现这些用户通常在文章的底部闲逛一段时间 - 我们将社交媒体的无限滚动体验带到了文章的底部Taboola Feed.

Taboola Feed includes a variety of card options—from视频,向新闻通讯订阅,评论框等等,以使用户在现场和点击点上互动。了解更多信息,联系我们.

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