How to Integrate Partner Marketing In Your Marketing Mix

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这re is some truth in such simple wording. However, the success of the classic marketing mix—product, place, price, and promotion—depends on a lot of nuances. Marketing involves a lot of hard work, and if you miss out on even one piece from the marketing mix, the result can be disastrous.

In this article, we’ll talk about how the marketing mix is expanding today. We’ll pay special attention to partner marketing: how it works and what tools make its integration into the marketing mix easier. First, let’s figure out what the marketing mix represents.


这marketing mix in the modern sense isn’t only the 4Ps, but rather a set of tools that a business uses to sell products or services to target customers. Using the selected elements of the marketing mix, you create a strategy that maximizes the strengths and minimizes the weaknesses of your business. This approach aims, among other things, to improve your competitiveness and to create profitable partnerships.


  • 产品。What’s for sale. The development of products or services should take into consideration the life cycle and obstacles that may arise when it gets to the customers.
  • Price。购买产品的成本。较低的价格将使产品更易且较高的价格将增加排他性。定价对您的营销策略产生最大的影响之一。
  • 地方。这ways how the customer can access or buy a product. Distribution options to experience products can include online, in-store, mobile, etc.
  • 晋升。这包括广告、直接营销、public relations (PR), and sales promotion. It’s important for promotion to emphasize what is communicated, to whom it’s communicated, how the target audience is reached and with what frequency. The digitalization of our modern life adds different promotional channels to the traditional ones. Alongside TV, radio, paid search (Google), social media ads (Facebook, Instagram), display ads & banners, the growing popularity gainsnative advertising在搜索,社交或开放的网络上。


  • 物证。Demonstrative evidence related to the product or service that reassures a customer. These can be a beautiful website, packaging, well-trained staff, etc.
  • Process。这standards of an internal organization that has a direct influence on the provision of services or products. This includes monitoring employees’ performance concerning development, delivering goods, and communicating with customers.
  • People。员工对客户有什么印象员工。此元素包括员工招聘和培训的方法。对于那些直接与客户,销售或客户服务互动的人尤其如此。

Technologies continue to progress, so the need to expand the marketing mix models still remains. Better suited for digital marketing, the 7Ps model was updated and applied to online channels to give a practical approach that works well for multichannel businesses. Although some would argue it’s part of “Place,” an eighth P, “伙伴“通常建议为企业提供在线获取。

What is Partner Marketing?

Partner marketing(or Partnership marketing) is a collaboration with a person or business which has influence in the sector that you’re interested in selling to. By creating new partnerships, you’re able to introduce your brand to a new or wider audience.


那里有很多合作伙伴营销方法,但最常见的做法是隶属关系。联盟营销是附属公司或出版商在其网站上推广您的产品或服务的技术,以回报佣金。ac米兰赞助商 vwin这种合作伙伴关系的普及归因于它完美地融入了绩效营销矩阵。这是可衡量的营销的确切形式,可以准确计算投资回报(ROI)。



Partner marketing works best when businesses create all conditions for long-term partnerships. To achieve this, an advertiser needs to provide convenient and fast payments, reliable data security and also come up with a bonus system for their best-performing affiliates. The partner marketing platform helps to carry out and automates many of these processes, tasks, and even more.


这increasing bias towards digital and performance directions make the marketing mix more multilayered. Therefore, it’s vital for businesses to delegate some of the functions to software solutions, so you could focus on your gains.


  • Billing and Accounting.它将帮助您生成发票,并在遵守全球任何税务立法的同时向您的关联公司支付。
  • 预防诈骗。世界各地的广告商会减少数百万美元的欺诈和欺诈活动。因此,您的伴侣营销平台应提供有效检测和阻止这些类型的工具。点击级欺诈预防,交通质量监管,多个其他特征和集成是任何营销计划的必备。
  • Expanding Partner Network.正确的营销平台将帮助您找到和招聘出版商,影响者,附属公司并建立利润丰厚的伙伴关系。ac米兰赞助商 vwin
  • 定制。它绝对必要的是,该平台具有开放式API来实现保持工作流程所需的任何集成。此外,可配置的系统设置还可以帮助您匹配现有的业务流程。该平台内的企业设计,徽标,配色方案,图标和任何所需的布局将使您的公司在整个身份中得到认可。