How to Drive E-commerce Sales


If your small business website, niche site or personal blog isn’t making sales, then you haven’t got an e-commerce business.

Shopping online is now a fact of life for more than20亿人,但他们有很多选择increasingly crowded marketplace

So, it’s essential that you tailor your website and product pages so visitors choose to shop with you, and you make those all-important sales. In this guide, you’ll learn how to驱动电子商务销售通过增加网站流量,提高产品页面,提高转换,赢得客户忠诚度。

Understanding the E-commerce Market


What is E-commerce?

电子商务正在在线购买和销售产品并以数字方式为他们支付。emarketer.estimates that e-commerce will be a $5 trillion global market by the end of 2021.

通常,我们将电子商务视为消费者(B2C)销售的业务,例如人们在网上购买亚马逊或当地超市的产品。事实上,亚马逊通常在最大的电子商务零售商的任何名单附近,以及Ali Baba,JD.com和eBay的任何名单。

Beyond B2C Sales

There are other types of e-commerce, however, including:

  • 业务到企业(B2B)销售 - 例如当Oracle等软件公司提供企业的数据库管理
  • 消费者对消费者(C2C)销售 - 例如人们使用像eBay这样的拍卖网站互相销售物品
  • Consumer to business (C2B) sales – such as when you sell your old phone or laptop back to the company you bought it from


Popular E-commerce Verticals

你可以在网上购买几乎任何东西。然而,最受欢迎的垂直垂直的垂直会因Simtech Development揭示。这里有一些例子:

  • In the U.S., clothing and consumer electronics are leading verticals
  • In Australia, fashion, electronics and furniture lead the way
  • Across Europe, clothing and footwear are the most popular verticals
  • Latin America favors fashion and electronics
  • 印度大多在线购买电子和配件

Tips to Increase E-commerce Sales

Whichever vertical you’re in, the following tips will help you boost sales.

1. Increase Website Traffic

More traffic equals more potential customers, so提高流量是提高网站收入的一个很好的起点。您的策略应包括这三个关键支柱:

  • 创造良好的内容
  • Make it easy for people to find
  • Promote that content to attract the right people

In terms of marketing, the hard sell is out.vwin000.com是。伟大的内容符合您的受众的需求,建立了您的专业知识和权威,并让人留下来。想想有用,相关内容,你在正确的轨道上。

If you want people to find your content, usee-commerce SEOto help them. As we say in our领导指南,这意味着具有关键字和链接的策略,同时为人类写作。

Once you have high-quality content, you can attract your audience withbrand awareness campaigns。According toDataReportal,25%的人通过网站促销发现品牌;这是一个你无法忽视的数字。

You can use Taboola to rune-commerce native advertising campaignson websites, as well asmobile native advertising campaigns。这有助于您:

  • Reach potential customers who don’t yet know about you
  • 提供价值并诱使它们与您联系,通常通过电子邮件营销
  • 引导他们决定从你那里购买

And, you can useTaboola Trendsto figure out which creative is most effective in which verticals. Across all markets, for example, images without text achieve a higher click-through-rate, and drive more traffic to your e-commerce site.


2. Structure Product Pages for Easy Selling

Some people come to your site ready to buy. This is where a well-structured site and product pages help. Ideally, your site will have easy to understand navigation labels (using everyday language), and an easy way to search. You can also implement breadcrumb navigation to help people find their way around your site and get back home at any time.


  • Unique and helpful product descriptions that answer customers’ questions
  • 复制突出显示的好处,而不仅仅是特色
  • 酥脆产品图片显示来自每一个角度的产品
  • 提高信任的产品视频
  • Social proof, in the form of customer reviews

Ideally, your product pages will offer consumers multiple options to act. In addition to an add-to-cart button,the best product pages包括查看不同产品选项或可定制产品的方法。


3. Convert Customers

Converting customers requires some other techniques. With more people now using mobile devices for shopping, make sure your site works on mobile from the time people land on it right through to the checkout. Otherwise, potential customers could abandon your site before buying anything.

了解您的受众,以便您量身定制他们的购物体验。Taboola的数据市场helps you to understand audience trends – both online and offline – so you can target your product copy and get their attention.


Add different payment options to your site, so there’s less chance of customers leaving because their favorite option isn’t there.

Don’t be afraid to go for a micro-conversion, such as signing up for your email newsletter. This helps build customer loyalty.

有时驾驶电子商务销售是关于避免防止它们的陷阱。最近的购物车放弃统计数据show that people leave websites when:

  • They discover unexpected shipping costs
  • 网站和结账令人困惑
  • 他们必须创建一个帐户
  • They have concerns about payment security
  • They can’t find a coupon

Addressing these areas can make your site work better for visitors, and lead to more conversions and sales.



Research from Adobeshows that while repeat customers make up only 8% of visitors, they’re responsible for 40% of revenue. Repeat customers are easier to sell to, and they spend more money, with revenue-per-visit three to five times higher than for a one-off shopper.

Tips for creating customer loyalty include:

  • 与老客户保持联系电子邮件标记ting, and offer subscriber deals and incentives
  • Get personal, and tailor your messages to their individual needs
  • Use videoto create positive emotions about your brand
  • 通过您聘请客户社交媒体平台,并使用Taboola的工具来提高内容的可见性和参与
  • Surprise and delight them with excellent customer service

There’s no doubt that increasing traffic to your site, improving product pages, boosting conversions, and fostering customer loyalty helps increase e-commerce sales.

But there’s one final tip to bring everything together.Omnichannel interactions现在是常态,客户在许多设备上与电子商务零售商连接。为避免销售销售,请确保客户可以随时随地与您联系的无缝体验。

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