How to Convert Social Media Followers and Fans to Increase Website Traffic



Let’s face it, the way social media sites make money is by keeping people on their platforms looking at ads and promotions. (Some believe social media is deliberately上瘾

But don’t worry, it’s not a lost cause. With the right strategy, you can successfully wean those social media followers over to your website, making your business more successful. Here’s how to achieve this.




例如,Sprout Social的综述社交媒体人口统计shows that:

  • 大多数Facebook用户都是女性。Facebook用户涵盖所有年龄段,但用户通常比Instagram上的用户年龄要老
  • Instagram is widely used by people under 29, including 72% of those aged 13-17
  • LinkedIn是大学毕业生和B2B用户的流行网络


其次,许多社交媒体用户相对短暂的注意力跨度。在某种程度上,这是由屏幕上滚动的大量内容驱动的每一分钟。像网络受众一样,他们可能患有content shock, which makes it impossible to pay attention to everything.

If you want to get attention and win those all-important clicks back to your website, don’t take a cookie-cutter approach, dig into what works on each platform.

How to Figure Out Your Social Followers’ Interests


For example, here’s a snapshot of what you might see on your Facebook ad dashboard:


There’s also important information about what people are clicking on and engaging with. In the example below, it’s clear which posts got most engagement from the audience.Facebook content analytics

If you know what’s attracted attention in the past, this is a good starting point for creating attention-grabbing content in the future.






大多数社交媒体网站都是视觉上的,因此选择正确的图像对您的注意力产生了巨大的影响。例如,在业务利基市场中,使用较大的面部尺寸会导致更多点击。Taboola Trends - images

But, if you focus on tablets alone, the color of the image (rather than the size) is the most important factor. If your audience is mainly using tablets, then black and white images will get more attention than color ones.

Tabool image trends


With video topics, it turns out that location is a big factor in what’s popular, and what’s not. Based on the trends, a UK audience isn’t that interested in videos featuring animals or illustrations.

Taboola video trends



When you’re ready to write titles, check out the most engaging keywords. Since 80% of online attention goes to the headline, it’s worth spending time on this.

例如,如果您从事美容业务,请使用具有“激光”,“ make”,“日本”,“发型”或“年龄”字样的标题来增加观众的参与度。

Taboola keyword trends

该工具还列出了关键字可能存在的地方an engagement opportunity, as in the screenshot below.



We came up with two possible headlines:

  • Take 10 Years Off Your Age – New Japanese Laser Treatment
  • 7 Stunning Japanese Hairstyles for the Modern Age

Then we tested them with the Taboola titles tool, which measures likely click-through rate (CTR). The title about ‘stunning Japanese hairstyles’ vastly outperforms the title about ‘Japanese laser treatment.’ That’s probably because the laser title sounds a bit hyped, a no-no whenwriting engaging headlines



  • 消除腹部脂肪 - 新的日本饮食

That title shot to the top, suggesting that an audience is more interested in diets than hairstyles.

Taboola title CTR prediction

As you’ve seen, using Taboola Trends can help you to craft social media posts that attract visitors to your website, but there are a few more things you can do to boost your social media content.

Other Ways to Make Your Social Media Content Convert

将您对受众的特定知识与有关在各种平台上有效的一般准则结合在一起。这项研究来自is a good guide to what users want from different platforms, and what that means in terms of content.

Post Evergreen Content

At the same time, useBuzzSumo, or a similar tool, to check out evergreen content trends. If a topic has been popular for a while, your take on it has a good chance of attracting an audience. This is a good complement to the current data in Taboola Trends.


Apart from the trends, know that social media followers love a peek behind the curtain. Don’t be afraid to get personal, and share insider stories about your business or brand.


One crucial factor of high converting social media content is delivering on your followers’ expectations. That’s why it’s best to avoid deceptive titles and to favor those that lead to a valuable piece of content. If you disappoint visitors once, you may never get another chance. In other words, deliver what you promise.


Explore ways to make your content more visible. For regular social media posts, something as simple as adding the正确数量的主题标签makes a huge difference to how easy it is to find. You can also try影响者营销。A trusted recommendation goes a long way in gaining you visibility and website clicks.







在下面的示例中,GE Power的某人已经接管了GE的Twitter帐户,以显示涡轮机的工作原理。这并不是每个人的兴趣,而是有近50万关注者,GE做了正确的事情。

GE Twitter广告系列



加特纳Instagram campaign


Hubspot is a pioneer in inbound marketing (aka attracting people back to your site). So, it’s not a surprise that the company’s online presence practices what it preaches.


Hubspot on LinkedIn

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