Mexico’s Biggest Daily Publication, El Universal, Launched Taboola Feed

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El Universal has over 150 million pageviews a month, and according to ComScore, is the Mexico’s biggest daily publication.

Theystarted working with Taboola in November 2016, and just adopted Taboola Feed, bringing a highly engaging environment to its audience of readers.

The latest of many publishers to adopt Taboola’s Feed experience on the open web, they’re looking forward to an even further increase in engagement from their audience.

“We are excited to launch the next iteration of content recommendation – an infinite scroll experience that will keep users on site for longer periods of time.”

“Our journey with Taboola has already proven successful. Our readers have responded positively with the Feed and we have seen an increase of 45 percent in page views since our partnership began a year ago.”

– Nazifh Luna, Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at El Universal.

Since El Universal started working with Taboola, they’ve already experienced an uplift—a 45 percent increase in pageviews and a revenue per mille (RPM) uplift of 37 percent.

Taboola Feed will drive revenue and engagement for El Universal.

el universal taboola

Given their current success, El Universal is implementing our latest technological innovation, Taboola Feed, To drive even more engagement and revenue.

We’re excited about this expansion of our partnership with El Universal.

“Mexico remains a key market for us and we are thrilled to continue our journey together with El Universal to help people discover things they like and never new existed.”

– Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola.

Taboola Feed allows readers to continuously scroll through ‘cards’ containing different content presented in different formats—like video, article recommendations and third-party cards or experiences like games, surveys and more.

All of this appears below the article, presenting content to the audience algorithmically in an environment where they are likely to engage.

“我们有许多学习社交媒体,和我们are excited to bring that experience to the Open Web. I believe we’re only a few years away from having the entire internet become infinite, enabling people to scroll through personalized experiences.”

– Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola.

This latest collaboration between Taboola and El Universal signals the growing global adoption of the Taboola Feed with hundreds of publishers now implementing the an infinite scroll experience, including recent dealswithNew York Daily NewsandBT.

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