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What Is Native Advertising?


Promoted search results and sponsored social media posts are popular examples of native ads. Both formats provide the same kind of value to users as the organic search results and user-generated social media posts.

As consumers become more resistant to traditional forms of advertising, Fortune 500 brands and consumer startups alike are allocating bigger budgets towards content marketing and non-disruptive ad formats.


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What is Native Advertising
How do native ads work How do native ads work

How do Native Ads Work?

Native ads, a tactic that supportsperformance marketing,在供需工作。在供应方面是出版商,有观众和触及,希望将其网站ac米兰赞助商 vwin批准。在需求方面,广告商希望围绕着观众,围绕着认识,销售或袭击目标lead generation.

Which Ads are Native?

在本机广告的核心,是将广告放在相关的和无阻碍的上下文中的概念,他们本身适合。本土广告最有可能看起来就像所有其他文章和周围的内容,特别是在目标是brand awareness, you may not see some of the common words you’re accustomed to seeing in advertisements (purchase, subscribe, sign up, etc). See native ads in actionhere.

Native Advertising Channels


How Native Advertising works in Search


engines like Google pioneered an entirely new form of “native” with their sponsored search results.

How Native Advertising works in Social Media


Social networks like Facebook and Instagram popularized native in-feed and carousel ad formats.

How Native Advertising works in websites


Content discoveryplatforms like Taboola power personalized content recommendations and in-feed native ads across popular publisher websites.

Who Benefits From Native Advertising?



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Publishers have embraced native ads as an indispensable tool in monetizing content across platforms and devices. Opt-in native units encourage valuable user actions without sacrificing the overall UX, driving users to high-value pages such as video, sponsored content, microsites, and more.

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Native ads avoid the disruptive pitfalls of pop-up or pre-roll ads in favor of a more respectful bargain with users, allowing people to discover and engage with branded content they may like on their own terms.

How to Choose the Right Native Advertising Platform?


In order to maximize the return on any given native advertising initiative, many publishers and advertisers team up with technology partners that can help with aspects such as content distribution, audience engagement, cross-platform monetization, and more.



Check out the list of requirements for choosing the right content discovery platform.

  • Quality of network

    Across what kinds of websites and/or page placements is the platform currently deployed?
  • Tracking

    Does the platform provide transparent access to key performance metrics? (e.g. cost-per-acquisition, pages-per-visit)
  • 规模

    How many users does the platform reach in your target regions?
  • Compatibilty.

    How well can the platform integrate with various hardware and software solutions? (e.g. devices, operating systems, CRM software)
  • Targeting

    What kinds of targeting and retargeting capabilities does the platform offer?
  • 服务

    Does the partner offer a flexible range of self-service


每个广告单元根据页面放置,观众推荐源和所需的后击行为等因素而不同。没有一个尺寸适合的解决方案,但是有一些格式对于出版商和广告商而言表现出色。ac米兰赞助商 vwin

Native Advertising unit on a publisher’s homepage


品牌意识和思想领导力竞选最有影响的选择。突出的主页展示位置为出版商提供优质的CP​​C,并使广告商通过与当天领先的领先编辑头条联系来建立与受众的信任。ac米兰赞助商 vwin

Native Advertising unit mid-article

Mid Article

Maximize the value of transient visitors by engaging their curiosity before they click away or return to their social feed. Especially powerful on mobile, mid-article units enable brands to achieve full-screen exposure and publishers to monetize a greater portion of their traffic (through higher viewability rates).

Native Advertising unit below an article

Below Article


Native Advertising Opportunities

Native ads hold a great deal of potential benefits for advertisers, publishers, and users.


Publishers are able to monetize their sites without sacrificing a quality user experience.

Users can avoid the disruptive nature of traditional ad formats and engage with the branded content they might like on their own terms.