Case Study: Boomerang for Gmail Tests for the Perfect Landing Page With Taboola

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In their quest to reach the coveted “Inbox Zero,” many people around the world have installedBoomerang for Gmail, a popular browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that helps users take control of their email inboxes. Boomerang supports an array of useful features — such as “send later,” snooze messages, read receipts, and more — that enable users to better manage the flow of incoming and outgoing emails throughout the day.

Although Boomerang has had tremendous success acquiring new users through search and referral channels, their team was looking for a new way to reach audiences who may not be aware of such email productivity “hacks.” Realizing the potential for content-driven efforts to educate these new audiences, Boomerang teamed up with Taboola to craft a strategy for tapping into the “discovery” channel.

Our teams published acase studyabout the partnership, which involvedextensive A/B testing to uncover the “perfect landing page”for audiences coming from search versus discovery, two user segments that have very different kinds of intent once they arrive on-site. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Extensive A/B testing around how discovery vs. search users reacted to different landing pages resulted in a140%的转化率and a52% drop in cost-per-action
  • landing pages optimized for “discovery” generated anaverage conversion rate of over 5%throughout the campaign
  • Taboola generatedover 3,500 new leads for Boomerangduring the testing period

Check out thefull write-up— along with our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks — on theTaboola resources page.

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