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If I was to predict 2030, I would have predicted that machines would be helping us make some of the most important decisions of our lives, what to buy, where to go, who to meet, and more. People would have more space, they’d live by a lake, they’d own more, and they consume more. They’d have access to more products and services personalized to their needs, they’d commute less and when they did, it would be fast using hyperloops,personal drones, orthrough space。这将是一个全新的消费主义时代。

We actually started seeing some of these effects in 2020. In times of a pandemic, when there was no brick and mortar option, e-commerce went through the roof. As a result of so many people moving to the suburbs and being home in general, payment services exploded, and gaming grew as consumers looked for a way to escape. The events of 2020 also impacted digital media—the “open web” became bigger, people immediately spent多20%的时间online reading more and buying more, and we also saw H2 advertising budgets recover faster and stronger than anyone had anticipated





There is a certain area where AI will continue failing—identifying new problems for the first time. Techies refer to it as ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ Take the global pandemic for instance—AI would have only been able to predict it’s arrival if it knew what such a global pandemic had looked like in the past.

As digital information becomes even more critical for keeping us informed, tech platforms will have to do better than relying on AI for content review.More humans involved in content moderation是答案。如果我们必须下注一种解决方案,以解决新现象,新趋势,错误信息的传播,我们应该押注人类(不仅在AI上)。

E-commerce Advertising Budgets will Increase, and it Will Elevate Publishers’ Revenue

Coronavirus hurt some industries, but it alsocreated many new business opportunitiesin spaces like gardening, pets, at-home-beauty products, fitness andanxiety-soothing video games


  1. Businesses truly understood not having an online presence where they’re ready to deliver value to consumers is a huge risk.
  2. 出于必要,消费者开始以以前从未做过的方式尝试在线购买。他们购买了FaceTime的房屋,从未见过的家具,雇用了在线培训师,在线医生,参加了在线教育等等。

As people buy新的types of products and find newwaysto buy, e-commerce ad spend will reap the rewards in 2021. We saw e-commerce grow by only3.1% this year。Look for that number to grow to 21.8% next year, and I predictac米兰赞助商 vwin出版商将大写on this new behavior in a big way.

User Time Is Everything, Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Every Game, Every App will use Content to Engage Users

我对开放网络,出版商和新闻机构的未来更加乐观,因为很快,他们的内容将在各地使用,以帮助消费者以我们从未见过的新方式吸引ac米兰赞助商 vwin消费者。我相信我们将看到本地应用程序,游戏和设备制造商,将新闻纳入新闻,以使人们更加参与 - 想想苹果新闻,但到处都是。

Similar to how Apple is using news to engage people with the iPhone, like on the minus one screen, in notifications and elsewhere, imagine every app benefitting from contextual news to engage users in real-time with their app:

  • Livescore could surface personalized content about your favorite team alongside score updates so you don’t leave after checking the score.
  • Calm could recommend more content related to spirituality and relaxation after a session is completed so you don’t get meditation and leave.
  • She-In可以为不确定要购买什么的购物者提供有关最新时尚趋势的文章。

Diversity will Become a Proxy for Success, Similar to Gross Margin

The Black Lives Matter movement rocked the world in more ways than one. Businesses everywhere pledged support for the movement, but more importantly,looked internally评估自己团队的多样性。

This year was different. Issues of racial justice rose around the world and accelerated discussions in the workplace about business’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. It pushed them to assess culture and admit their failures, but diversity and inclusion have always been essential first and foremost for humanity, and for businesses to grow and thrive across many types of audiences.


A groundbreaking study fromHarvard Business Review证明,当投资者投资于共享学校背景的公司时,他们被收购的机会或公开场合比来自不同学校的公司低11.5%。共同种族的影响甚至更强烈,将投资的比较成功率降低了26.4%,至32.2%。令人难以置信的统计数据。

Companies with diverse employees can better relate to and target diverse consumers. For companies like Taboola, brands and agencies will expect us to bring to them a network of diverse publishers. Having diverse talent would increase our chance of winning those diverse partners and customers.

I predict that in the future, starting in 2021, diversity, equity and inclusion will not only continue to rise in its level of importance because it’s the right thing to do, but because people will understand that when the workplace is diverse and inclusive, their chances of success grows. Similar to how investors look at gross margin, they will start to investigate how diverse teams are or whether companies have a concrete plan to incorporate more diversity before making investments.

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